Children’s Therapy Network 2016 Summer Programming


CTN is thrilled to offer groups for children who are ready to put their skills to use in a larger group setting. We offer a variety of groups led by highly skilled therapists with expertise in sensory processing, speech language development, emotional, and social development. Groups at CTN offer a unique opportunity to work with a combination of licensed professionals including mental health clinicians, occupational therapist, and speech therapists to meet your child’s unique skill set and goals. Our specialized groups are designed to support children who are in or have participated in a therapy program, but continue to have concerns related to social engagement and participation. Our small groups (2-5 children) are a great transition for children who have completed individual therapy. CTN groups are planned around the child! We identify a set of children with similar needs and match them up based on level of engagement, cognitive, and sensory needs.

Group programming is specifically designed around skill development:

Coping skills   Self-Regulation    Social skills    Social language    Relationship building

Groups are offered for summer 2016 running 1 hour a week from June 13-August 19 (10 sessions) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent Intensive Training Program

Focusing on Relationships:

Repair Build Heal Grow


Do you struggle to understand your child and what he/she needs?
Do you have a child that regulates with others, but at home it is a different story?
Are you feeling like you spend your day avoiding the conflicts or “putting out fires” with your child?

The parent and child relationship is like none other. The power of relationship is a strong tool in supporting self-regulation and development. CTN’s model in therapy is to support parents with the knowledge of sensory processing, emotional development, communication, and how it impacts behavior, relationship, and development.

Goals of the program:
Understand behavior
Gain strategies to work through tantrums or meltdowns
Explore parent needs and how it impacts their relationship with child

This specialized program will consist of 10 contact hours of direct treatment with emphasis on parent training and skill development in which parent(s) are receiving guidance, coaching, and modeling in how to support their child with their regulation needs. This will include at least one in-home consultation. The frequency and duration of this will be individualized to meet families’ needs.

Contact us at (608) 234-5990 for further information!!!

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