Occupational therapy services at Children’s Therapy Network focus on teaching each child and family not only specific developmental areas, but also the foundational skills of how to learn that children can build from long after their time in therapy has ended. Occupational therapy services help children become successful learners, engaging in their world.

Children’s Therapy Network’s occupational therapy services are provided in our well-equipped treatment rooms. We have a variety of spaces available in order to facilitate the most therapeutic challenge for the children that we serve. If appropriate, we will also provide services in-home in order to help work on goals that are specific to the home environment.

In order to support children to function in their daily activities to their highest level, we place a strong emphasis on the parent or caregiver/child relationship as the foundation of all other learning. We have extensive training in a variety of parenting and relationship strategies that we weave into our treatment. We have found that by building a strong family foundation, children are able to flourish and that parents and caregivers are able to become strong advocates for their children.

Occupational therapy services support:

  • Sensory processing and regulation

  • Motor skills and coordination development

  • Oral motor development and expansion of diet

  • Self-care and hygiene development

  • Fine motor and handwriting skills

  • Community safety and play skill development

  • Ocular motor skills (as a precursor to effective academic learning)

  • Environmental consultations for home and school settings

  • Interactive Metronome® (click here to learn more)