Children’s Therapy Network 2018 Summer Programming


We are excited to offer groups for children who are ready to put their skills to use in a larger group setting. We offer a variety of groups led by highly-skilled therapists with expertise in sensory processing, speech-language development, emotional, and social development.  Our groups offer a unique opportunity to work with a combination of licensed professionals including mental health clinicians, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to meet your child’s unique skill set and goals. Our specialized groups are designed to support children who are in or have participated in a therapy program, but continue to have concerns related to social engagement and participation. Our small groups (2-5 children) are a great transition for children who have completed individual therapy.  Our groups are planned around the child! We identify a set of children with similar needs and match them up based on level of engagement, cognitive, and sensory needs.

Group programming is specifically designed around skill development:

Coping skills   *   Self-Regulation   *   Social skills   *  Social language  *   Relationship building


*Prep for the Playground Group

Through sensory exploration and movement, children are encouraged to develop and maintain positive interactions with peers.  This group maintains some structured activities to support a feeling of consistency along with therapist supported “free play” in order to allow children to flow naturally into and out of social engagements with peers.  Focus of this group will be 1) helping children to understand the sensory regulation strategies that support their successful group engagement 2) Following the group structure including transitions 3) Joining and maintaining attention to a group activity 4) Showing flexibility with play plans in a peer setting.

Ages: 7-10

When: Mondays 3:00-4:00pm, June 18-August 20

Cost: $400




*Improv for Social Skills

Improvisational comedy naturally builds many valuable social skills including tuning into the cues of other people, accepting ideas offered by others, being flexible with your ideas, and the timing and rhythm of social exchanges.  We will use improv exercises and games to have both fun and develop these important skills.  This summer social skills group is appropriate for higher functioning children ages 10-15.  The group will be facilitated by a speech therapist with extensive background in social communication and an occupational therapist with three years of improv class and performing experience. 

Ages: 10-15

When: Tuesdays 3:00-4:00PM, June 19-August 21

Cost: $400


*Yoga for self-care and stress relief

Being a kid is hard work! In this self-care centered yoga series, participants will learn how yoga can help them find their inner strength and calm. Class will focus on body awareness; what stress feels like and where we hold big emotions within our bodies. We will also focus on how we can care for ourselves using self-reflection, mindfulness, physical strength, and connection to peers. Our yoga will incorporate movement games and silliness in addition to practicing yoga postures, stillness and breathing exercises. This series will be taught by our mental health therapist who is also a registered yoga instructor.

Ages: 8-12

When: Thursdays 3-4PM, June 21-August 24

Cost: $400


*Prep to Play

This is our younger child group, geared toward ways to develop motor, social and emotional development through caregiver/parent and child play. There will be a strong focus on helping children develop regulation skills for attention and how the parent/caregiver can support this skill to support further successful group experiences.  Over the course of each session, children will be encouraged to move their bodies, play with a variety of materials.

Age:    18 months to 2.5 y/o

When: Wednesdays 9am-10am

Dates: June 20-August 22 (no session July 4th)

Cost:   FREE!            


*Play with Me 

This is our older child playgroup, building on the skills learned earlier.  Children will learn social skills such as turn-taking, idea-sharing, and negotiation. They will also build on their play skills which are the foundation for all social and future academic success. Additionally, parents will participate alongside their children so that they learn strategies to carryover to everyday life. We will focus on balancing structure with free play so that children learn to explore their environment but also learn to follow social expectations. Over the course of each session, children will be encouraged to move their bodies, play with a variety of materials and peers, and learn to remain engaged and focused for structured group activities.

Age:    2 ½ years to 4 years
When: Fridays 10am-11am

Dates: June 22-August 24

Cost:   FREE


Contact us at or give us a call at 608-234-5990 for a group intake. All fees are due two weeks prior to start date of group. No insurance coverage applies to groups, may be able to bill county funding.