Children’s Therapy Network 2018 Summer Programming


We are excited to offer groups for children who are ready to put their skills to use in a larger group setting. We offer a variety of groups led by highly-skilled therapists with expertise in sensory processing, speech-language development, emotional, and social development.  Our groups offer a unique opportunity to work with a combination of licensed professionals including mental health clinicians, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to meet your child’s unique skill set and goals. Our specialized groups are designed to support children who are in or have participated in a therapy program, but continue to have concerns related to social engagement and participation. Our small groups (2-5 children) are a great transition for children who have completed individual therapy.  Our groups are planned around the child! We identify a set of children with similar needs and match them up based on level of engagement, cognitive, and sensory needs.


Group programming is specifically designed around skill development:

Coping skills   *   Self-Regulation   *   Social skills   *  Social language  *   Relationship building



Play With Me Group

Who can benefit?: This group is open to the public and aims to support children with a wide variety of skill levels. This group will be particularly beneficial for children who:
– Have limited play skills when interacting with materials or using imagination
– Have low self-confidence when interacting with peers
– Tend to be controlling and/or have rigid thinking
– Have difficulty verbally advocating their own needs and/or play ideas
– Love to move but have difficulty participating and focusing in a group setting

What: Come join our play group for social and learning opportunities for children and parents alike. Children will learn social skills such as turn-taking, idea-sharing, and negotiation. They will also build on their play skills which are the foundation for all social and future academic success. This group will be facilitated by an occupational therapist to provide the just-right environment for children to feel comfortable while simultaneously being encouraged to expand their skills.

Additionally, parents will participate alongside their children so that they learn strategies to carryover to everyday life. We will focus on balancing structure with free play so that children learn to explore their environment but also learn to follow social expectations. Over the course of each session, children will be encouraged to move their bodies, play with a variety of materials and peers, and become more calm and focused for structured group activities. Fun and education are at the heart of this group. We hope you will join us!

Age: Children aged 2 years to 4 years old

When: 10AM-11AM,  Ten Consecutive Fridays beginning January 5th

Cost: FREE!

How to Sign Up?: Email,




Who: Children ages 8-12

Cost: $320



 Please contact us at (608) 234-5990 for more information!