Children’s Therapy Network 2017 Summer Programming


We are excited to offer groups for children who are ready to put their skills to use in a larger group setting. We offer a variety of groups led by highly-skilled therapists with expertise in sensory processing, speech-language development, emotional, and social development.  Our groups offer a unique opportunity to work with a combination of licensed professionals including mental health clinicians, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to meet your child’s unique skill set and goals. Our specialized groups are designed to support children who are in or have participated in a therapy program, but continue to have concerns related to social engagement and participation. Our small groups (2-5 children) are a great transition for children who have completed individual therapy.  Our groups are planned around the child! We identify a set of children with similar needs and match them up based on level of engagement, cognitive, and sensory needs.

Group programming is specifically designed around skill development:

Coping skills   *   Self-Regulation   *   Social skills   *  Social language  *   Relationship building

Groups run for one hour per week from June 12-August 18 for a total of ten sessions. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Prep for the Playground Group

Through sensory exploration and movement, children are encouraged to develop and maintain positive interactions with peers.  This group maintains some structured activities to support a feeling of consistency along with therapist supported “free play” in order to allow children to flow naturally into and out of social engagements with peers.  Focuses of this group will be 1) helping children to understand the sensory regulation strategies that support their successful group engagement 2) Following the group structure including transitions 3) Joining and maintaining attention to a group activity 4) Showing flexibility with play plans in a peer setting.

Who: Ages: 7-10

When: Tuesday 3:30-4:30 pm, June 13-August 22 (no group July 4)

Cost: $400


Movers and Shakers Play Group

Are you looking for a successful playgroup experience for your child? Come and play with us! We are offering a FREE play group for children ages 18 months to 4 years and their parents. This group will be facilitated by an occupational therapist. Our staff will also be available to answer questions and facilitate interaction among peers and between parent and child. Our goal is to provide families with a successful playgroup opportunity in a sensory-enriched environment that promotes exploration and play experiences while meeting you and your child’s needs.

Who: Ages 18 months to 4 years

When: Wednesdays from 9-10 starting June 14th. Please call ahead so that we can plan for the number of children attending.

Cost: FREE!


Teen Social Group

Our Teen Social group offers an opportunity for teens to practice the subtler nuances of social interactions and make friends in a fun and engaging environment built around their specific interests.  This group will focus on building social skills needed for success in typical teenage functions and situations while simultaneously practicing executive functioning and sequencing abilities.  Learning how to engage in social media in an appropriate and safe manner will also be a concentration of this group. Teens that are a good fit for this group will independently regulate and possess an understanding of more basic social skills.

Who:  Children ages 12-16 years

When: Mondays 3:30-4:30, June 11-August 21 (no group July 3)

Cost: $400


Let’s Go Camping Group

CTN’s Camping Group is a unique way for children to practice their skills out in nature.  Children will have the opportunity to try fun outdoor activities such as campfire cooking, scavenger hunts, hiking, and beach activities (weather permitting). A multitude of skills are targeted by a speech therapist and an occupational therapist including planning, organization, cognitive flexibility, team building, peer interaction, gross and fine motor skills, sensory integration, mindful calming, and community safety.  The group will be a week-long immersion running for 90 minutes/day.  The week will culminate with an overnight family camping trip at Lake Kegonsa State Park on Saturday night. Parents will camp with their children and families will be responsible for bringing their own tents.

When: Monday July 24-Friday July 28 from 9-10:30 at Children’s Therapy Network

Saturday July 29th evening of camping at Lake Kegonsa State Park

Who: Children ages 8-12

Cost: $320


Yoga for self-care and stress relief

In this self-care centered yoga series, we’ll discuss common signs of stress, followed by yoga and relaxation strategies to help address each one. Each class will include a brief check in discussion, physical yoga practice, and brief relaxing meditation. Siblings of current clients are welcome! Taught by our mental health therapist and registered yoga teacher. Teens that are a good fit for this group can independently regulate and be able to follow group instruction.

When: 4:00 Wednesdays. Summer session begins June 14th– August 23rd

Who: Children ages 8-13

Cost: $200



 Please contact us at (608) 234-5990 for more information!