Sensory Processing Training and Support Group

Winter 2012 Series

Children’s Therapy Network offers a monthly training and support opportunity for parents and caregivers.  Trainings will cover the basics for families who are just learning the language as well as more specific information for families who are looking to add to their current knowledge base.  Participants will gain an understanding of sensory processing principles, strategies to use with their child and ways to best advocate for their child.  The training is limited to 15 participants and time will be divided between presentation and a question and answer session in order to give individualized strategies.

The Basics of Sensory Processing and Sensory Diets Tuesday February 21st, 6:30-8:00

This presentation will expand on the basics of sensory processing skills and how to create effective sensory diets for children. We will leave a lot of time for question and answer to make sure that families are able to take home strategies for their everyday life that work!  For families who are new to this process, you will walk away with some concrete strategies to try right away.  For families who are already well on their way, this is an opportunity to add or update new pieces to make your sensory diet even more successful!

Setting Up a Sensory Supportive Environment in Your Home Tuesday March 20th, 6:30-8:00

This presentation will explore ways to set up a variety of different spaces in the home to get kids the movement they need- without destroying your house!  We will have hands on experiences to help you learn to set up different types of equipment.  Feel free to bring pictures of specific spaces that you would like to transform in your home!

Regulated Parent- Regulated Child:  Tuesday April 17th, 6:30-8:00

This presentation will explore strategies to support the family unit.  Parents express concern that their child seems to be less able to regulate specifically when interacting with them- and are looking for strategies to help this time together be more successful.  In this training, we will introduce parents to the concept of co-regulation.  We will give parents concrete strategies to use their own regulation skills and interactions to help their child become more independent at self-regulation!

Improving Sibling Relationships using Sensory Strategies Tuesday May 22th, 6:30-8:00

Based on parent request, we will be offering a topic specifically focused on supporting sibling interactions through a sensory lens.  We will explore the basic concepts of co-regulation as it relates to the sibling relationships.  In addition we will explore different strategies to help sibling groups to more effectively learn to regulate together.

Registration and Fee Details:

  • A fee of $10 is appreciated to cover the cost of the therapist’s time.  Families will not be turned away for inability to pay
  • Register by E-mail: Please include: Name, Phone Number, E-   mail, and Sessions of interest
  • Register via the website: www.ctn-madison/contact-us
  • Register by Phone: (608) 234-5990.  Please include:  Name, phone number, e-mail and sessions of interest.


Course Location:

The course will be held at our clinic: 14 Ellis Potter Ct. Ste 200, Madison, WI.  Directions are available on our website