Welcome to Children’s Therapy Network!

We look forward to working with you! We are a collaborative, multi-disciplinary group of passionate therapists working with children and young adults in Madison, Wisconsin.  What makes us stand apart is that parents can expect to be intimately involved in treatment and are present during most sessions. Additionally, siblings, grandparents, and caregivers are also welcome to be a part of treatment. Treatment sessions are a combination of child-led and therapist-led activity. Our sensory-enriched treatment rooms are set up to facilitate exploration and play. Sessions are often spent collaborating with families, modeling, guiding, and coaching engagement and interactions.

We schedule standing weekly or bi-weekly therapy appointments for your child in order to best serve the busy schedules of our families.  We do, however, adjust schedules during summer hours and fall hours.  Our sessions are 50-minutes in length to give time for clean-up, and successful transitions.  It is common that children are in weekly therapy between 6 and 12 months, however this can vary greatly depending on the child/family needs and goals.  We are successful with providing intensive services (multiple sessions per week) for children who can benefit, or who live a distance from our clinic, in order to achieve goals faster, thus decreasing the duration of treatment.

Initial Contact

There are three routes to getting started with our services:

  • Give us a call in order to complete a short phone intake. The phone intake is  to include: general information, what services you are looking for (it’s ok if you don’t know!), funding information and your main concerns.
  • Complete our online intake form at a time that is convenient for you. We will follow up with a phone call from our clinical staff to solidify information so that we can get you can get you connected with the services your child needs.
  • Schedule a free intake. This is a 30-minute meeting with one of our clinical staff which provides the opportunity for  you to tell us what you are looking for, check out our clinic space and for us to make a plan moving forward.

General Intake Packet

 The next step is to complete the General Intake packet.  It is found here, or can be requested from our office manager via e-mail or mailed to you.  It is vital that you return the completed intake packet (along with the questionnaires specific to the type of therapy you are seeking) including insurance/funding information and a prescription for the evaluation from the physician.  Please return this packet to our office manager via email at ctnreception@ctn-madison.com, via fax at 608-819-6825, or mail it to us at 639 Struck St. Madison, WI 53719.

Once the General Intake Packet is returned, you are ready to be scheduled for the initial sessions.  We will contact you to schedule your initial sessions.  If there is a wait for services, we will place you on our waiting list and update you as to the length of the wait.  We do everything in our power to avoid families having a long wait for services, however, specific times of year generally necessitate more of a wait, including April/May and September/October.  In addition, wait times are affected based on the child’s scheduling availability.  Families who have daytime scheduling flexibility are typically able to be scheduled more quickly.

**A note on physician’s prescriptions: These are required by state law in order for therapists to see your child.  It is important that you work with your physician to describe the FUNCTIONAL, MEDICALLY NECESSARY deficits and associated treatment diagnosis/medical diagnosis that we will be treating if we will be billing insurance the service.  We will need either a treatment diagnosis (A description for the deficit we are addressing with the client’s treatment plan) or a medical diagnosis given by an MD.

As therapists, we do not provide a medical diagnosis. If a medical diagnosis is of concern or needed for reimbursement or insurance coverage, please contact your child’s physician. Our therapists will support and provide guidance regarding their observations, concerns, and make recommendations for further services or diagnostic assessments.

Please have the physician fax the script to us, or bring it to your first scheduled appointment.

Initial Sessions

Your child’s first two or three appointments are evaluative treatment sessions in which we establish goals and treatment plan. Depending on the type of service you are receiving, you and your therapist will develop a treatment plan focused on your areas of concern. During all evaluative sessions the parents are present.  Evaluative sessions will be a combination of standardized testing, parent/child interview, structured observation and observation of parent/child interactions.  We strive to videotape all evaluation sessions and will give a copy to families upon request.

For all families who are using insurance or county funding, or upon request, an evaluation write up will be completed along with a treatment plan and evaluative sessions will be billed out at the higher, evaluation rate.  If families intend to private pay for services, they can choose to forgo the intensive evaluation document in exchange for a treatment plan that lists initial observations for purposes of creating baseline function.  If the family choses this option, initial sessions are billed at a regular session fee.


CTN is a contracted provider for the following insurance companies: Aetna, The Alliance, Auxiant, Blue Cross Blue Shield, ChampVA, Cigna, Dean (autism diagnosis only), Health EOS, Humana, Tricare, United Health Care, UMR, WEA and WPS. We ask that you contact your insurance to verify that we are contracted with your plan and to confirm coverage and benefits as your plan may have exclusions and/or prior authorization may be required.

If CTN is not in your health plan’s provider network, you may have an out-of-network benefit that would apply. You can also request to have CTN added as a provider or ask for single case agreement, please contact your insurance company for details. CTN will continue pursuing and would welcome assistance in obtaining contracts with the following insurance companies: Dean, GHC, Physicians Plus and Unity.

If you have a change in medical insurance please notify us with the effective date of coverage and the new billing information as soon as possible.  Confirm your eligibility and benefits with your new plan.

If services are not covered by insurance, CTN offers a discount for payment received at the time of service or if there is a current credit card on file that is used to pay the monthly balance in full. There will be a 10% surcharge for private pay services not paid at the time of service/credit card on file. CTN is not legally able to provide a discount for balances after insurance (co-payments, co-insurance or deductible amounts).

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our services, intake or billing process. We are here to help!