Summer is fast approaching and I think we are ALL ready for some lazy days in the sun! We are in the midst of getting our summer program finalized and creating some new fun ideas in our new space!

Program Updates:
• Therapeutic Group openings- We have a couple opening for the following groups and age ranges for the summer:
o Social pairing for 3-4 year age range, 7-8 age range and 10-12 year old girl. We work really hard to create the most therapeutic matches for    kids and are still looking for matches in these age ranges!
o Engines group- we have a group of 7-9 year olds that would love another member.
o Sensory Motor Social Group- We would love to have another child age 5-8 join this fun group of kids.
o Brain Builders- We are looking for a child in 2-4th grade to match with an interested peer.

• Last SPD Parent Training of the spring- On May 22nd from 6:30-8:30 come learn about different co-regulation strategies to between siblings. If interested, please call the office or e-mail!

• The last Little Mover’s Playgroup for the spring will be on May 21st. This a playgroup for children age 2-5 with the goal of providing a successful playgroup experience in a sensory rich and supported environment. Please sign up now if you are interested in attending for the summer!

• The CTN Parent Association is looking for your input. Are their certain events or support that would be helpful for your family? Please e-mail Renee or Barb at CTNparents@gmail.com

• Socks- I have had many parents ask lately about our policy with kids being barefoot in our space. With sandel weather upon us, it is time for a response. In general, bare feet are fine with us- and actually helps the kids move through the space during sessions. IF a child has any kind of open sore on their feet, please have them wear socks to sessions until this is resolved. We will have a basket of clean “loaner” socks available in case they are needed!

• Summer schedules- We are working on summer schedules right now! If you do not already have an appointment time, but need one, please call or e-mail Jeannie.porter@ctn-madison.

Therapist Updates:
• We have had many families checking in about Sarah and the new addition to their family. Sorry the announcement took me so long but…..Gavin Patrick Peters was born on March 29th. He is doing so well, as is Sarah and the rest of the family. She is planning on being back in the swing of things the second week of June.
• We will again have a Level II OT student with us for the summer. Laura Hewitt will be joining us June 11th through August 31st. As a Level II student, she will be at CTN full time for these 3 months and is in the last step of her education. She will be joining many of our sessions this summer, and we are very excited to have her!
• Heidi Eckstein, our amazing Physical Therapist, has openings for the summer. If you are interested in a PT evaluation, please give us a call!

In April, we were fortunate to be able to host a therapist and family training by Lark Eshleman, PhD at Children’s Therapy Network. I was introduced to Dr. Eshleman by Pat Ann St. Germain, who owns of Healing Hearts Counseling Center with whom we closely collaborate. Lark is a child and adolescent psychotherapist who is an expert in working with children who have experienced early emotional trauma, attachment difficulties, neglect and abuse. Lark provided a day of training for families titled “Promoting Healthy Attachments in your Family System”. This was a powerful training, not only for families with children through adoption, but also for families whose children struggle with sensory processing disorders. It impressed upon me again the power of working together with children and their parents around seemingly simple, relationship building games that many of us forget as our children grow older. After this educational, and often intense, day working with families, we decided that it would most definitely be helpful to offer another training day for families. We are hopeful to be able to invite Dr. Eshleman out to Wisconsin again in the fall, and this time, would love families from CTN to participate.

Along the same lines, in March, I went to the Level 1 Theraplay® Training at the Theraplay® Institute in Chicago. As many of the families I work with know- this was a transformative training for how I provide support to families. We are working hard to integrate some of the Theraplay® principles into our treatment at CTN- and many more of us will be heading off to more training in this area in the near future! I feel that the Theraplay® principles are powerful in their simplicity, which are based on simple, back and forth interactions with a parent and child in the areas of Structure, Nurture, Engagement and Challenge. The activities beautifully parallel the work we do with sensory processing treatment as well as The Floortime Model that many of us inherently use in our treatment. If you are interested in learning more about this model, please visit www.theraplay.org. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn more!

Also in April, Jessica Andrae attended the Sensory Defensiveness Conference. This is the course that teaches the Wilbarger Deep Pressure Protocol- often referred to as the Brushing Program. Jessica was able to bring back to us the most up to date information on accuracy with the program, as well as updates on effective use of sensory diets.

We are excited to keep growing and learning along with you and your kids! We have an exciting program which we are developing as we speak that we hope will address another area of identified need for parents and families! Stay tuned for the June Newsletter to learn more!

Jen Krull, OTR