Our Clinic

We are a therapy clinic specializing in the treatment of children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral and Social Difficulties, Developmental Delay, and Feeding and Eating concerns. In addition to serving children with identified needs, we also help families and community providers support children who may just be struggling to successfully get through their day. We are here to help!

Our Philosophy

We believe that children are best supported in the context of their family and community. This belief is reflected in our therapeutic and training sessions. When children come to us, typically; we invite the parents and/or siblings into the therapy sessions with us.

We work to balance therapeutic intervention aimed at the child with training and support for the families. We feel that by developing close, trusting relationships, not only with the children that we serve, but also with the parents and caregivers, we are able to effect more change in our therapeutic intervention. Our goal is that the family is able to leave our relationship with a greater understanding of their child and the tools and advocacy skills to support their child.

Latest News

Community Trainings Spring 2018

CTN Parent and Community Training Series 2018 To sign up, email our office manager: ctnreception@ctn-madison.com At CTN, one of our overriding beliefs is that surrounding children with empowered

March 2017 Newsletter

Please join us at our upcoming open house!             Our lost and found will be donated on Friday, April 21st Our lost and

February 2017 Newsletter

We have moved! You can find us in our shiny, new space at 639 Struck Street, Madison 53719. We will be having an open house in the coming


We pride ourselves on providing children and families with personalized care, customized to their specific needs.

“I just wanted to first thank you both. I can’t share with you how much it means to our family that you both supported my son and ME through this past year. Our little guy has made so many gains and he is generally so so happy and I have learned to be a different kind of mom and love that kind of mom too–and I thank you both for that–words hardly seem like enough.”
“I can’t help but tell you that I tried the strategies given during the Co-Regulation Training right away. My 10 year old got frustrated this morning, which often ends in physical and verbal outbursts. The difference today was that his fit didn’t escalate, it didn’t last that long, and he calmed down really fast. Plus I didn’t feel I was the enemy. He looked at me like I was on his side! And it was done!”
“I think putting a parent in the place of the child the way you did for me is one of the best things you can do as far as showing just how effective these strategies can be. I was ready to pull all the stops that my 3 1/2 year old does in terms of escalation and behavior. But when you used the Co-Regulation strategies, I literally lost ALL my steam. I had nowhere to go with my fit. You got me. You understood. What more was there to say? Thanks a ton”
“For 4 years we struggled going doctor to doctor trying to find some answers & help for our son. After a phone tag session one day, I was put in touch with one of the OTs The Children’s Therapy Network. In a 5 minute phone call, they renewed my hope and provided a simple sentence we had been waiting a long time to hear, “Sounds like something I can help with!” After learning about sensory processing disorders, going to 2 therapy sessions, and doing the “homework” she gave us between sessions, we, along with his teachers, were amazed at the changes we saw. The behaviors that had been in place for so long have been melting away and we continue to learn and grow in our sessions. She truly has been an answer to our prayers and we are so thrilled to have CTN, a place that has provided us and our son with the tools and support he needs. I highly recommend them to anyone!”
“Since we began OT services a few weeks ago, our son has shown more confidence. He is visibly happier and content. We’ve noticed he is more verbal and begins interactions with others more frequently. The staff and facilities are amazing. Their family centered and child directed approach is refreshing. The facility is set up to create a wide variety of activities and stimulation. Their creative use of space and therapy ideas are what makes them unique!”